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Why I am getting error 'A workflow or approval field update caused an error when saving this record.' when saving a record?

Knowledge Article Number 000005308

When saving a record using API or Visualforce and/or updated by Process Builder, users are getting "A workflow or approval field update caused an error when saving this record." error.


This error can occur if there is a workflow or approval process that does a field update and that update violates any field data type constraints.


Let us say we have a text field with length as 5 and the workflow field update tries to update with a value greater than 5, then you will get this error.

The resolution would be to make sure that update done by the workflow or approval process doesn't violate any field data type constraints. In the example above, the workflow field update should be modified to update with a value lower or equal to 5 characters.

Increase the length of the "Field to Update" field to accept the new value.

Eg. Field 1 (Text 50) from Master object is referenced on a Field Update Action that sets the new value of Field A (Text 25) on Detail Object.

Match the length of Field A to Field 1. Increase the length to 50.

Note: This error doesn't occur if you are saving the record via standard UI save as standard save truncates the value and completes the update. This only happens with API/apex save.

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