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Email template from right to left

Knowledge Article Number 000005314

Normally, email justified to the left. It makes text that is written in Right-To-Left languages to be justified to the left.


In text email it is not possible to change this behaviour. It would be controlled by the email client of the recipient.

With HTML templates, while editing the html template, it is possible to change the justification of the text in the "Formatting Controls" (the grey area toolbar).

When the text is justified to the right, the text normally appears as it should.

Note that when the email template is created, merge fields might appear on the wrong place (e.g. from the right of the text, although they were inserted to the left of it). This, however, does not affect the merge field location in the email that is sent.

Also, as it is not a Latin language, the encoding of the email template should be set to UTF-8. Encoding UTF-8 can represent virtually all the characters in all the world's languages (Unicode), but is not supported by older receiving e-mail reader software. Users who need to send e-mail with non-Latin data (e.g., the Euro symbol, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.) should use this encoding.

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