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How can Mobile Lite users see activity past the 5 days per the default configuration?

Knowledge Article Number 000005318

Many times Classic lite users would like to see activity history records on the device. The default configuration is to show Tasks and Events 30 days out and keep them on the device 5 days historically.

Because Classic lite does not have access to a mobile configuration, there is no way around this except for the work around noted below.


The work around is to simply begin logging all of the calls and meetings (Tasks and Events) that you might normally create within Salesforce proper, on the device. When you i.e. Log a Call on the device, the SFDC Classic application MARKS that record and it becomes part of the local dataset and will NOT be removed once it becomes older than 5 days. After a while of doing this, you'll start building up a local base of activity history on the device. Remember, the records, once saved on the device, are also pushing to the server when saved.

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