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Why do Content Filters only display 30 options per filter?

Knowledge Article Number 000005320

The filters on the Content tab shows only the top 30 values of fields. For example, we have a field ‘tags' (driven by the actual tags added to documents within Content) which often has more than 30 picklist values. The filter for this field displays ‘Tags(30+)’ and on expanding, shows only the top 30 values based on the frequency that the tags are used.


The maximum filter options that can be displayed is 30. This is by design.

In content there are 3 ways to find content:
Search - Searching can return fewer or more results
Tags - Makes more content appear (widening search)
Filters - Makes content disappear (narrowing search)

There can be too much information for the filters to parse so using search make Filters more applicable OR using Filters with a more limited options such as a custom picklist field to drive a filter with fewer options such as "External Use Approved" vs "Internal Use Approved" vs "NDA Required".

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