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Out of Scope: Metadata Analysis

Knowledge Article Number 000005384

Premier support can't service requests that ask for any kind of metadata analysis. Providing information about org wide usage of fields, criteria on reports, list views is not supported under the Premier + Admin support offering.



Premier support doesn't include current state analysis of a customer organization (usage analysis, user accessibility, field, report, or metadata analysis).

Examples of out of scope questions

1. Which fields in my org are not being used on any page layout? 
2. Provide me with a list of filter criteria on my reports/ list views.
3. Which fields in an object are/ are not visible to a certain profile(s)? 

For more information on what Administrative services Premier Support does offer, checkout the Premier Success Plans PDF.

Additional resources

1. Community
2. AppExchange
3. IDE – A developer tool which is a plug-in for Eclipse and is fully supported by Salesforce. It works based on the metadata API and can be useful for some types of metadata analysis.
4. There is also a standard object limits page that shows details about your usage of customizations on an object. 
5. Salesforce Success Services, Partners or Consultants can also be able to help. Contact your Account Executive to pursue these options.

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