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View Suggested Solution Button Not Working

Knowledge Article Number 000005392

When I click the "View Suggested Solutions" button the Case record, no solutions are suggested.  However, when I take the Subject of the Case and search for solutions, I get results.  Why doesn't the "View Suggested Solution" button return the results like Search?


Contrary to popular belief, the "View Suggested Solutions" button does not take the Case subject and Search on all Solutions.  When the button is clicked, a search is done for similar Cases.  Out of these similar cases, if there are solutions attached, they are returned as the Suggested Solutions. 

Therefore, if you are not seeing any results, it is likely because of the following reasons:

           1.  The solution you are expecting to show up either has very few Cases attached, or none at all. 

           2.  The Cases similar to the Case you are currently working on do not have any solutions attached. 


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