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My organization's open and closed cases

Knowledge Article Number 000005394

All Salesforce users have the ability to log cases in the online self-service portal, which can be accessed by clicking the Help & Training link and opening the "My Cases" widget.  This shows only the cases the logged in user has created.

However, Salesforce Customer Support can set up an administrator with Super User permissions to see all users' cases in their company.


Small Alert icon NOTE: The Contact related to this request for your organization must be on the Designated Contact Matrix you provided to Salesforce.

Please contact Salesforce Support and have them perform these three steps on your contact record

1. Confirm you have System Administrator profile & are an Authorized Designated Contact.
2. Check the box for help and training admin field.
3. Click on the Enable Self Service button and check the Super User box 

Once this is complete, log out and then log back into the org.  Clear your browser cache if necessary.

A Super User will see additional options to view cases on the "My Cases" widget in Help & Training.

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