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How can I create mailing labels using MS Word 2003?

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How can I create mailing labels using MS Word 2003?


To create mailing labels using MS Word 2003 follow the directions below:

1. Run the Mailing list report in Salesforce that you want to use as the data source for your mailing labels in MS Word 2003. Export this report to Excel, and save it as a CSV file

2. Open Word and display the Mail Merge Toolbar.

- Go to Tools / Letters and Mailings / Show Mail Merge Toolbar option.

3. Select the Main Document Setup button from the toolbar, and select the Label option under the document type.

-the Options button can be used to change your label options

4. The label options window should now appear. Select your formatting options and click "OK".

5. With the cursor in the first label field, you will need to open the data source of your labels. On the mail merge toolbar, select the 2nd icon from the left called "Open Data Source" (descriptions of buttons can be found by placing cursor over the icons)

6. Select the data source to open for your New Document

7. Find the "Insert Merge Fields" in the Mail Merge Toolbar (6th icon from the left.) Make sure the "Database Fields" radio button is selected. You can now choose the appropriate merge fields to include in your first label, and insert them into the document. Close the window when finished.

8. Click the icon "Propagate Labels" (11th icon from the left.) This will place the merge fields into each of the additional level sections.

9. Going back to the Mail Merge Toolbar, select the icon "Merge to New Document" (4th icon from the right). Select "All" in the pop-up window, and click "OK"

10. Verify that the values merged correctly and then save this file so it can be reviewed, edited, or printed later.

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