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Email-to-Salesforce sending the error message ' not authorized to send emails'

Knowledge Article Number 000005487

When BCCing the Email-to-Salesforce email address or the Salesforce for Outlook Add Email functionality, on a communication to a customer, some users might get an error message like the following:

(Your email to Salesforce address) (Undelivered): 554 Transaction failed: is not authorized to send emails to this service.

------ This is a copy of the original message, including all headers. ------



This error message means the sender's email address is not included in the list of authorized/acceptable addresses. 

To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

1. Click on Setup | Personal Setup | Email | My Email to Salesforce

Click your Name | My Settings | Email | My Email to Salesforce (If you have '
Enable Improved Setup User Interface' enabled)
2. Under My Acceptable Email Addresses list, add your email address.  You can add multiple email addresses, just separate them using a comma (no spaces).
3. Click on Save

NOTE: This list is a mandatory setting and cannot be left blank.

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