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How do I enter business cards into Salesforce?

Knowledge Article Number 000005619
Description How do I enter business cards into Salesforce?
Resolution Salesforce supports the use of comma separated value (.csv) files to import leads, contacts and/or accounts. There is no direct import of business cards into Salesforce.

Any business card scanning system which directly creates .csv files or ones which can import business cards into Excel can be used. If the scanner creates a .csv file, then use the Salesforce Import Wizard to import the business information into Salesforce. If the scanner imports into Excel, after the import is complete, save the Excel file as a .csv file and then import it into Salesforce with the Import Wizard.

In addition if you can use your card scanning software to input into Outlook you could use Connect for Microsoft Outlook to sync contacts into Salesforce.

Please review AppExchange for 3rd party business card apps that integration with Salesforce.

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