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Export a Chart or Dashboard to print or view

Knowledge Article Number 000005620
Although you can't export a chart using the "Export" or "Printable View" button, there are a number of workarounds outlined below. 


Use these workarounds to view or print your chart or dashboard


1. You may schedule a dashboard refresh and have it emailed to yourself. For further information about scheduling a dashboard, please review the article Schedule a Dashboard Refresh

2. You can post the component image to Chatter if you've enabled "Dashboard Component Snapshots" (Setup | Customize | Reports & Dashboard | User Interface) and "Feed Tracking" for Dashboard (Setup | Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking) in Chatter. This allows people with access to dashboards to post static images of dashboard components to Chatter User Feeds, making the snapshot visible to all Users.

3. Lastly, you could right-click on the component and choose to "Save As." This will allow you to save the static image of the component and then view or print it from your computer. 

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