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Why isn't Account Territory automatically set to the Account Owner's territory?

Knowledge Article Number 000005659
Description QUESTION: When a user creates a new Account, the Account Territory doesn't get set to the user's Territory, why not?
Resolution ANSWER: Account owner does NOT determine the Territory - unless part of a rule.

Every Account can have zero, one or more Territories at any given time:
  • Can be assigned manually clicking [Change] Territory link on Account record.
  • Can be assigned automatically using Account Territory Assignment Rules.
  • If both of these are done, ALL manually/automatically assigned territories are included on the Account.

To make the Owner field automatically determine and set the Account's Territory make a rule:
  1. Setup | Manage Territories | Hierarchy
  2. Click into desired Territory.
  3. Scroll down to "Account Assignment Rules Defined in This Territory" section.
  4. Click on Manage Rules, then click on New:
    • Name the rule, set the criteria - Such as, "Account Owner EQUALS (x)" - Assign to (X) Territory
    • "Apply to child territories" checkbox - optional.
    • "Active" check box, required for rule to work.

NOTE: New rule will only apply to New/Edited Accounts unless you click "Run Rules" to re-apply all rules to all existing Accounts.

Also see all Account page layouts (Setup | Customize | Accounts | Page Layouts) for the 2 check boxes near the top which determine whether Account Territory Assignment Rules are applied automatically to new/edited Account records:
  • On the Page Layout palette, click "Layout Properties"
  • Locate "Evaluate this account against territory rules on save" 
  • Enable "Show on edit page"
  • Enable "Select by default"
  • Click OK and save the changes made to the page layout

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