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What is an Unfiled Public Reports Folder?

Knowledge Article Number 000005664
Description What is an Unfiled Public Reports Folder?
Resolution Shared custom reports created by your administrator, but not filed into a Custom Report Folder.
This folder is accessible by all users and this folder does not have an option to Edit the Folders properties
This folder cannot be deleted also, even by the administrator.

This folder can be used as a placeholder while the report does not have a folder to be placed. Once a Custom Report Folder has been created it can be moved in bulk when you are in Edit mode of a Custom Report Folder.

In order to set the visibility of a report into Private, you need to move the report into a private report folder. For further information about moving reports into a different folder, please review Move a Report or Dashboard Between Folders

For further information about standard report types please review the article Standard Report Types


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