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Run a report based on Public Groups

Knowledge Article Number 000005671
Although you can't run a report to see all the records visible by a public sharing group, you can use the advanced filters within the report wizard to report on certain Users' data. To view this information, follow the steps listed below.

Create a Custom Report to view User data

1. Create a Custom Report (or customize a standard report).
2. In the "Select Criteria" step of the report wizard, apply an Advanced Filter that will allow you to see only those records owned by a specific User.  This criteria can be as simple as "Account Owner equals Joe Smith."  
3. Click Run Report.

Note: To see the records of multiple Users, use commas to separate each User's name in the advanced filter. For example, "Account Owner equals Joe Smith, Jane Doe, Ed Johnson." This syntax will retrieve the Accounts owned by any of those Users.

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