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How to get a list of Contacts whose email message bounced

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If you've activated the Bounce Management feature in order to track email delivery to your Contacts, Leads, and/or Person Accounts, you can use the Bounced Contacts and Bounced Leads standard reports to view a list of email addresses that have bounced email. These reports include the reason the email was bounced, the date the bounce occurred, and the Contact, Lead, or Person Account that bounced the email.

To use the Standard Bounced Contact/Lead report

1. Click the Reports tab.
2. To get the standard Bounced reports:
  • Under the folder "Account and Contact Report" click on "Bounced Person Accounts and Contacts" (For Bounced Contacts)
  • Under the folder "Lead Reports" click on "Bounced Leads" (for Bounced Leads).

These reports will show you only those records (Contacts/Person Account or Leads) where the email sent was bounced. If these reports are not available in your Organization, you can create Custom Reports using the fields "Email Bounced Reason," and "Email Bounced Date" which are already available in the standard Contact and Lead Report Types.

To create a Custom Report with these fields

If you're using the New Report Builder, follow these steps to get the report:

1. Go to the Reports tab.
2. Click New Report. 
3. Select the category "Accounts & Contacts."
4. Select "Contacts & Accounts" from the report type list, and then click Create
5. Under "Contact: Ph/Fax/Email" section, look for the "Bounced" fields.
6. Add Email Bounced Reason and Email Bounced Date in the Report Preview.
7. Add a filter "Email Bounced Reason Not Equal to NULL" and click Run Report.

If you're using the Old Report Wizard, follow these steps: 

1. Go to Reports Tab.
2. Click New Report.
3. Select Contacts & Accounts report type under the category Accounts & Contacts, and then Click Next.
4. Select the type of report (Tabular/Summary/Matrix etc.), and then click Next.
5. Select the fields, Email Bounced Reason and Email Bounced Date, along with other fields you want to show in the report, and then click Next.
6. Select the Summary information and type as per your requirement, and then click Next.
7. Re-order list of Selected Columns if required, and then click Next.
8. Under "Field Filters," select Email Bounced Reason "Not Equal to" NULL, and then click Run Report.

Note: Both of these fields are also available in the Leads Report Type found under Leads category.
For more information on this topic, review our documentation on Activating Bounced Management and Overview of Reports

The Standard reports Bounced Leads and Bounced Contacts is available under the Reports section when going to the "Leads Tab or Contacts Tab" and you can click Save As to save the report. 

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