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Will e-mails sent from Salesforce appear in my Outlook sent folder?

Knowledge Article Number 000005686
Description I was curious if I send an email from Salesforce will it appear in my Outlook sent folder?
Resolution E-mail messages sent from Salesforce will not appear in your Microsoft Outlook "Sent Items" folder because the message is sent from the Salesforce server, not your enterprise mail server.

If you want a copy of your email in Outlook, turn on the setting to automatically BCC emails to your return address. To turn on this setting, go to:

1. Go to:

Setup | Personal Setup | Email | My Email Settings.


Enhanced UI Click Path

Name | My Settings | Email | My Email Settings

2. Select "Yes" for Automatic BCC.

The Automatic BCC setting uses the email address you have defined as your return address on this same window.

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