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How to get record count of parent object and remove duplicate child record counts in a report

Knowledge Article Number 000005730
In reports of type 'parent-object with child-objects', e.g. accounts with opportunities, you may face a challenge to get the record count of the parent object, be it lookup or master-detail. Since the record count gives the total number of child object records. This can be overcome using a workaround which involves the creation of a formula field.

Create a custom formula field on each object which is part of the report type.
  1. Select FORMULA as the datatype.
  2. Select NUMBER,0 decimals as the result.
  3. Enter 1 in the formula ( just a number one)
Now add this  Field to a report and summarize(sum) the field to get the count of parent records in the report. You can also use it to get average, percent, etc.

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