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Enable Email Relay

Knowledge Article Number 000005793

Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

"Email Relaying" is using an email server to send email that did not originate on the email server.

System administrators can enable the feature under Setup | Email Administration | Email Relay Activation.


Why enable Email Relay?


  • Route all email through their own email servers to avoid the appearance of "email spoofing" (forging of email headers to make messages appear as if they came from someone other than the original sender) by
  • Store copies of all email as required by government regulations in various industries.
  • Apply existing content filters that scan messages for data and content that is not approved to be sent out through company email.
  • Run outbound email through antivirus software before sending it to customers.
  • Append data such as company-wide disclaimers at the bottom of email messages.

You can set up email relaying for Salesforce-generated email by configuring Salesforce to automatically route email through your company's Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. Keep in mind, SMTP authentication is not supported by Salesforce.

Learn more before you activate Email Relay

Learn more about email relaying for specific IP addresses on your Exchange server in our "What network IP addresses do I need to whitelist?" help article.

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