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If you're looking at add contacts to using the Connect database, we'll show you how to add contacts one at a time or in bulk.




Add contacts individually

When you add contacts you earn points, which you can use to purchase contacts that other community members have added. 
1. Click the green Add button at the top of any Connect page.
2. Type the contact's business email address and click Next.
3. Provide the contact's information. Asterisks (*) identify each required field.
  • If you enter an email address with a domain that doesn't exist in Connect, you're automatically redirected to the Add Company page to add the company. When you've added the company, Connect returns you to the Add Contact page.
After you enter the contact's information, you can:
  • Click Add Contact if the contact is located at the address supplied.
  • Click Select an Existing Location to search for and select another location. If the correct address isn't listed when you search, click Add a new one to supply a new address.
  • Enter a new address and click Add Contact.

Add multiple contacts


Adding contacts by uploading a file is a way to add multiple contacts quickly. First you create a file containing the contact information, then you upload it to Connect.

Tip: The best way to be sure that your contacts upload correctly is to use the template we provide on the Add Contacts page. The template is formatted for you, and all you need to do is supply the contact information. 

Prepare a file of contacts

1. Click Contacts | Add Contacts.
2. Select Add multiple contacts by uploading a file.
3. Click Download a csv template to get started.
4. The template is an Excel spreadsheet already in CSV (comma-separated values) format. The column headers and sample entries show how exactly how to enter your contact information.
5. Save the template locally and add your contacts to it.

Upload your contacts file

1. Browse to the file you've saved and open it.
2. Connect automatically uploads and opens your Submission History, which shows the upload status as In Progress.
  • You’ll receive an email when the file has been processed and your points awarded. 
For more information see also: Reviewing Your Contact Submission History


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