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If you’ve purchased our Connect $1,500.00 member plan, you can filter contacts from your exports and shopping cart purchases to exclude contacts you don’t want to export. You might want to exclude contacts that you obtained from another source, for example. Or, if you’re exporting contacts to create a list for a marketing campaign, you can exclude contacts who have opted out of marketing emails.

To exclude contacts from your exports and shopping cart purchases you create a suppression list of contact email addresses to exclude, then upload the list to Connect.

List suppression is available only to members who've purchased the $1,500.00 member plan. The option doesn’t appear if you’re on any other premium plan. Check out our pricing page to learn more. 


Your uploaded suppression list applies automatically to every export and purchase you make, for as long as the list is active. Connect excludes contacts in the list when you export contacts or when you check contacts out of the shopping cart.

Create a Suppression List
We recommend using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel to create a list of contacts to exclude from exports and purchases. You can add up to 200,000 addresses per file, with a maximum file size of 10 MB.

Here's how to format the spreadsheet so Connect can read it:

1. Open a spreadsheet and type email in the first cell.
2. Enter contact email addresses into the spreadsheet, following this example: 
User-added image
The first row in the file must say email, with one email address per row after that. Connect never charges for contacts you already own, so you don’t need to include them in your suppression list.
3. Use Save As to name your list and save the file as a .csv (comma-delimited) type. If your file isn’t in .csv format, Connect won't accept it.
4. Your suppression file is ready to upload into Connect.

Upload Your Suppression List
A single suppression list applies to your entire account. If you Upload a new file, the new list replaces the existing one.
  1. Go to My Account | Account Settings | List Suppression and click Choose File.
  2. Navigate to your saved suppression list and open it.
  3. Connect uploads your file and updates the List Suppression panel.
If you decide to stop using list suppression, click the delete icon (X) next to the file name to remove it.
If you remove the file, you can’t suppress contacts until you upload a new file.

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