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Using IDE with NTLM or NTLMv2 Proxy

Knowledge Article Number 000005943

When customers are using the IDE (both plugin and standalone versions) for development on the platform, they will not be able to connect when their network has an NTLM or NTLMv2 proxy.

The third-party tool in the resolution allows proper communication and authentication between the IDE and and the proxy.

*Note: This third party tool is NOT supported by, nor is is guaranteed to work. Customers who implement this solution must take responsibility for its use in-house.


Customers can use the CNTLM local proxy.

This is a console application installed on each developer desktop that can handle the NTLM authentication to the NTLM proxy server on behalf of the IDE. It is configured via an ini file and the proxy server address. The domain user id and the hash algorithm are stored in the ini file. The domain password can also be entered into the console when the tool is launched.

CNTLM is an open-source app available on SourceForge. The only support available for this tool is through the help forum.

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