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Reporting on inactive Picklist Values / Picklist Sorting issues

Knowledge Article Number 000005987

When reporting on picklist value fields, inactive and active values will appear in the report, since records retain inactive picklist values.


You will find the following to be true when sorting on a field that is a picklist in a report:

1 - All picklist values are sorted in the order in which they are created - NOT Alphabetical order. To enforce Alphabetical Order to the report, you will have to reorder the values directly in the field in question.

For Standard Objects -  Setup | Customize | <Standard Object> | Fields | Click on the Picklist Name then the Reorder Button

For Custom Objects - Setup | Create | Objects | Click on the Custom Object Name | Click on the Picklist Name then the Reorder Button

2 - Inactive Values are always ordered in the sort results AFTER all Active Values on the report

**NOTE - The sort order holds true in for Fields Summarized or Grouped in a Summary or Matrix Report as well as when clicking on the Field Header to sort.

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