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How to include Product Description in Quote templates

Knowledge Article Number 000005988

Product Description is a field on Products that does not carry over to Opportunity Line Items and Quotes.


To include "Product Description" in your quote template, you can do the following: 

1. Go to Setup | Customize | Quotes | Quote Line Items | Fields | [New] 
2. Create a Formula field as follows: 

Name: Product Description 
Formula return type: Text 
Formula Syntax: Product2.Description 

3. Ensure that this new formula field is visible to any Profiles who will be generating Quote PDFs, and Save the new field. 
4. Go to Setup | Customize | Quotes | Templates 
5. Edit the desired template. 
6. Click the 'wrench' icon on the "Quote Line Items" section, and add the new Product Description field to the selected fields. 
7. Save the Quote Template.

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