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Creating Cases Directly from Microsoft Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000006091



The Create Case feature in Salesforce for Outlook allows users to create cases in Salesforce from emails in Microsoft Outlook


As an administrator, you can create Email-to-Case destinations that appear in the drop-down list button Create Cases in Outlook. For each destination, you choose the assignee, which can be either individual users or queues.


Note*  You can add up to 10 destinations for each Outlook configuration.


When users create cases, they can add up to 10 emails simultaneously for each destination.




Before Salesforce for Outlook users can create cases from Outlook emails, you’ll need to perform the following procedures.


1. If you haven’t already enabled the On-Demand Service for Email-to-Case, complete the procedure “Enabling On-Demand Email-to-Case” in the online help.


2. If you haven’t already defined Email-to-Case destinations (also known as email routing addresses), complete the procedure “Defining and Verifying Email Routing Addresses” in the online help.


3. Enable Create Case in your configurations. The topic “Enabling Create Case” in the online help provides details for editing configurations to include the drop-down list button Create Cases in Outlook.


Salesforce for Outlook assigns a category to the emails that Salesforce for Outlook users add as cases to Salesforce. This category, Added to Salesforce as a case, makes it easy for users to search for emails they added as cases to Salesforce.

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