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Schedule Reports/Dashboards to be sent to individual users when the Report/Dashboard Folders are restricted

Knowledge Article Number 000006129

If you can't find the name of a specific User in the list of recipients for your scheduled Report or Dashboard, this is likely due to Report Folder accessibility. First, here are two things to keep in mind: 

  • In order to select individual Users using the old folder sharing model, the Report Folder must be set as "This folder is accessible by all users"
  • If the folder access is set to "This folder is accessible only by the following users," then only Roles or Groups that have access to the folder can be selected.

For example: If the report is made available to Role: Manager, then you will only be able to email the report to all Users in the Manager Role. 
Note: for further information on how to change this setting, please review the article Creating and Editing folders



Consider the workarounds

If you review the above settings and you're still not able to add the User to the Scheduled Report list, here's what you can do:

Scheduling to recipient by creating a Public Group 

      1. Create a Public Group (Setup | Manage Users | Public Groups) with the individual users added.
      2. Add the Public Group to the folder.  
      3. You'll now see the user in the recipient list. 

Temporarily convert the Dashboard Folder to "accessible by all users"

Users can then be selected for the scheduling. After the scheduling is saved with the specific users, convert the folder back to "This folder is accessible only by the following users." 
Note: The user will still need access through one of the other sharing methods for all objects contained in the report/dashboard, otherwise the following error will be received:

"The scheduled report XXXXXXX ran at Date/Time as the running user YYYYYYYY. The following error occurred: could not email the report to any of the specified recipients. Check that recipients are specified and that they have the appropriate permissions to view the report."

Scheduling to recipient by using Enhanced Folder Sharing model

Using this method, you'll be able to grant the individual User access to the report/dashboard folder. You will then be able to email the report to just them.

Good to know: Once you've configured your folder access, check out our documentation on scheduling your report and dashboards

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