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How to create a User Login report to show number of days logged in

Knowledge Article Number 000006174

Please follow the steps below to create a report to show Users logged on for the day and not the # of times per day. You can also add a filter it to show only one login per User per day.


How to create the Report

1. From the "Reports" tab, click New.
2. Go to "Select Report Type" module, and under the Administrative Reports folder, click Users. 
3. Click Create (situated on the bottom right corner of the screen).
4. From the drop-down menu to the right of "Preview," select Matrix as the Report Format.
5. Drag the Groupings you would like to use in your report dropping the fields on the sections. 
6. Once you dropped the login date field on the "Drop a field here to create a column grouping" section, open the drop down menu beside the login date and select "Sort group ascending" and group dates by day (or any other period of time). 

7. If you have any numeric field that you want to add to your report, drop it into the body of the Matrix, and then select "sum," "average," "max," or "min." The sum will be useful if you want to see the total for this field by row/column.

For example: 
Sum of active users
Sum of partner users

8. Select the filter Criteria you prefer. For the Standard Filters you might choose:

View = Active Users
Date field = Login Date
Range = Last 7 days

As an additional suggested Filter you might want to use:

Login Status = Success

9. Add a chart to your report. You can do it by clicking Add chart.

Chart Type = Line
Y-Axis = Sum of Active
X-Axis = Login date

And now you are ready to run your report.

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