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Email Template Not Showing Up Properly Upon Receiving in Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000006221

Email templates sent from Salesforce do not show up properly in Outlook or other email clients. For example the images within templates look smaller upon receiving in Outlook, images are missing, and etc

First of all you need to know that Salesforce has no control over this. A message that you create and send in Salesforce or even any email client, may not look the same in the recipient's e-mail program.



  1. Forward the email or CC another recipient to see if the email is displayed correctly in all email clients
  2. View the email in browser – trying to use OWA (Outlook web access) if possible and display the email
  3. View the email in Gmail or Yahoo - any other email client other than outlook

If the images show up properly on the other email clients or while viewing in a browser it indicates that Salesforce has processed the images properly and it is Outlook which seems to be the cause of this issue. There is no issue with regard to any Salesforce email template setting, but rather some changes needed to be done on the Outlook side.

While it is true that Outlook is a very popular email client, it is beyond our control how Outlook is designed to handle/deliver email. Similar to the limitations of fonts or colors in internet explorer or any other browser where it cannot be influenced by Salesforce even though Salesforce has a number of users that use Internet Explorer as their primary browser.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 uses the HTML parsing and rendering engine from Microsoft Office Word 2007 to display HTML message bodies. More information on how Outlook 2007 handles HTML emails - Word 2007 HTML and CSS Rendering Capabilities in Outlook 2007


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