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Formula to find time in AM or PM

Knowledge Article Number 000006308
Description Formula to find time in AM or PM


Resolution Assumptions - Time is based off "CreatedDate" field which is a date/time field

1) IF( (FLOOR ( MOD(  CreatedDate  - ($System.OriginDateTime),1) *24))<=11, "AM", 



Note: The result is in GMT.  This still will NOT account for Daylight Savings.

2) If you need to calculate the time in PST, you will need to add 8 hours to "$System.OriginDateTime" as follows:-


IF( (FLOOR ( MOD(  CreatedDate  - ($System.OriginDateTime+8/24),1) *24))<=11, "AM", 




3) If the time to be calculated is in PST and daylight savings need to be considered, you will need to add 7 hours (since time goes behind by 1 hour during daylight savings w.r.t. PST) to "$System.OriginDateTime" as follows:-


 IF( (FLOOR ( MOD(  CreatedDate  - ($System.OriginDateTime+7/24),1) *24))<=11, "AM", 




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