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How do I change my Username? (Duplicate usernames)

Knowledge Article Number 000006315
Description Since a USERNAME must be unique, this can already be taken elsewhere when someone creates a Chatter user.  Salesforce can't change usernames for security reasons unless we have the written consent of a C-Level executive on the account of the application where the chatter user resides.  (see below for this process)


There are two methods to change a USERNAME: 

  1. Salesforce Support can contact the Chatter Moderator of the org where the chatter users are maintained and then request for them to assist which is at their discretion. 
  2. Obtain a C-Level Letter from the account of the chatter application.

Here is the format of the letter:

On a "Company Letterhead", please provide the following information:

1. What is the current full USERNAME that you are requesting to change?  

2. What is the new USERNAME?

3. What is the brief reason for the change?  

4. What is the Case Number you opened with Salesforce support?

5. A C-level executive signature (CEO, CIO, CFO, Business Owner, etc), the signature must include the executive title and their EMAIL address.

Thank you,
Executive Name
Executive Title
Executive Phone number
Executive Email address

[ - executive signature -]


Please send the letter to Salesforce support by email for faster processing or fax:


  • For faster processing, Scan/email the letter to the Salesforce support representative handling your case
  • Or, Fax to +1 415-592-3583 with the attention of Technical Support; please inform the Salesforce support representative that this has been faxed

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