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Salesforce for Outlook security overview

Knowledge Article Number 000006338
Description This article will touch on key security aspects on Salesforce for Outlook

- Salesforce for Outlook resides as a .Net Client on a user's local machine and interacts with Salesforce using SSL 128 bit encryption Port 443 is used

- API calls use SSL 256 bit SSL encryption.

- User Authentication is Oauth 2.0 authentication see Oauth and also OAuth 2.0 User-Agent Flow​

- The Oauth token is encrypted on the local machine using MS DPAPI

- Other sync data resides on the local machine in an SQLite database

- Synced data is controlled within the Salesforce application by the configuration of specific Data Sets managed by Salesforce Administrators.

- The permission for users to be able sync and data sets constraints are controlled by an Administrator within Salesforce

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