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Which Custom Report Type is being used in my reports?

Knowledge Article Number 000006340

Once a custom report type has been created and you are working with various reports/dashboards, it can be difficult to determine which report type is utilized by the report itself.


In order to pull a separate report providing this info, complete the following steps:

***For the old report builder:

  1. Build a custom report type - Setup | Create | Report Types | Click on "New Custom Report Type"
  2. Select "Reports" as the primary object 
  3. Select the "Report Type" field on the layout page
  4. Build a report (typical setup, choose criteria etc.)
  5. "Report Type" column will reflect which Custom Report Type is being used.*

*If the report was built from a standard report type, the field will display the category originally selected in the report wizard when the report was being created.

***For the New report builder:

Click on Customize in the report, and look at the upper left corner.

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