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How to create an Opportunity Amount Trend Report?

Knowledge Article Number 000006355
Description How to create an Opportunity Amount Trend Report that shows closed Opportunities by month for previous years. The Bar chart should show the months of the 2 years beside each other for comparison purposes.
Resolution On the Opportunity object, create a new formula field with Formula Return Type "Number" and the use the following formula:


Create a Matrix report
  1. Clone the standard report "Opportunity Pipeline Trend"found in Opportunity and Forecasts Report folder. Click path - Click Reports Tab |Opportunity Reports|Opportunity Pipeline Trend
  2. Summarize the rows by Fiscal Year
  3. Summarize the columns by new formula field
Edit the graph at the bottom:
  1. X-Axis should be the new Formula field
  2. Y-Axis should be the Fiscal Year

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