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Admin Request: create new User

Knowledge Article Number 000006384

If you're making a request to create a new user, here's the information that we need from you.


Required Information

1. Full Name:
2. Email:
3. Role:
4. Profile:
5. Generate new password and notify user immediately? (y/n):

Optional Information

If nothing is provided for optional information the default values will be used.

1. Username*:
2. Alias*:
3. Community Nickname*:
4. User License Type:
5. Timezone*:
6. Currency*:
7. Locale*:
8. Language*:
9. Receive Salesforce Newsletter?* (y/n):
10. Receive Salesforce admin newsletter?* (y/n):

**Please add the .csv file to expedite user import process.


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