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How can I associate a web-to-lead to a Campaign?

Knowledge Article Number 000006417

Web to leads are often used in conjunction with online marketing Campaigns. Would it be possible to have leads from a particular web to lead form associated with a specific campaign?


I have 2 websites and each site is associated with a different online marketing campaign.

Different Products are being worked on using different Campaigns so I will need my Leads to be associated to Campaigns according to the Product of interest chosen on the website.


To associate a new web lead with a Campaign you can include the Campaign ID and the Campaign Member Status in the web-to-lead form and have the Lead associated to specific Campaigns.

The following can be added to a web-to-lead form. Leads submitted on this form would be associated with a Campaign with ID 70120000000U4eJ and would have their member status set to Responded. These values need to be valid for the organization, ie there would have to be a campaign with ID 70120000000U4eJ and it would have to have a possible Member Status value of Responded.

<input type="hidden" name="Campaign_ID" value="70120000000U4eJ" />

<input type="hidden" name="member_status" value="Responded" />


The above are examples and contain data in the value attribute that needs to be changed.

The Lead will not associate to a Campaign if the Member Status is not specified.

These are examples and developers that are familiar with POST strings and HTML coding will be able to construct more dynamic pages using these basic examples as a reference.

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