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Spamhaus and e-mail blocklists ?

Knowledge Article Number 000006433

Spamhaus is a blacklist used by some receiving MTAs (Mail Transfer Agent) to filter potential UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) from incoming mail.  Lists are maintained by Spamhaus Salesforce works with all Blacklist providers to ensure we have the highest rates of mail delivery. Occasionally a BL provider may list any providers MTA which will prevent recipients on the internet that are utilizing the BL receiving mail from this MTA. Sometimes the issue occurs where an MTA IP address may have been on a BL such as the Spamhaus temporarily, but recipients Spam filter MTAs do not have the updated and currently valid list.  For issues like this concerning Spamhaus please consult for information for receiving MTA admins.

Users sending e-mail may also find that other mail services may be making use of BLs such as Spamhaus and situations can arise where the Mail Service providers Spam filters do not reflect the current Spamhaus BLs.  Contact the mail service provider for information on issues like this.

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