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Locations in the Application where Email Can Be Sent from

Knowledge Article Number 000006483

Places in The App Where Email Can Be Sent!

This article lists some areas and services by which email can be sent from Salesforce and also categorizes the origin of the email as User sent or System Sent.  This is helpful for customers who are planning to use email relay or are concerned with testing all areas of Email Delivery within Salesforce. This should be used for guidance as it may not be fully comprehensive from time to time.

TABOPTIONBinding UsedEmail Relay Used when Active? 
Additional information
 Home Creation of new Task UserNo 
 ContactsMass Mail UserYes 
 Mass Mail Notification SystemYes 
 Extended Mail Merge - XMMSystemNOSee
KB 000186495
 Email Author (Single Email) UserYes 
 Stay In Touch UserYes 
  Change Owner UserNo 
 Apex Triggers UserYes 
 LeadsMass Mail UserYes 
 Mass Mail Notification SystemYes 
 Email Author (Single Email) UserYes 
 Apex Triggers UserYes 
 Assignment Rules UserNo 
 Web To Lead UserNo 
 Auto Response Rules (Web To Lead) UserYes 
 Cases      Apex Triggers User    Yes 
  Mass Mail Notification SystemYes 
  Mass Mail UserYes 
  Email Author (Single Email) User    Yes 
  Assignment Rules UserNo 
  Auto-Response Rules UserYes 
  Notify Case Owner of New Case Comments checkedUserNo 
  Notify Case Owners when Case Ownership Changes    checked User    No 
  Enable Case Comment Notification to Contacts  checked User    Yes 
  Email-To-Case UserNo 
  Email-To-Case (set Routing Name) email notification SystemNo 
  Forward an email UserNo 
  Reply-to-all UserYes 
 Campaigns     Apex Triggers UserYes 
   Email Author (Single Email) User                                Yes 
  Change Owner             UserNo 
 Accounts Apex Triggers UserYes 
  Email Author (Single Email) UserYes 
  Change Owner            UserNo 
 Opportunities      Apex Triggers UserYes 
 Update RemindersSystemNo 
  Big Deal Alerts UserNo 
   Email Author (Single Email) UserYes 
  Change Owner UserNo 
 Contracts Apex Triggers UserYes 
  Change Owner UserNo 
  Email Author (Single Email) UserYes 
 Self-Service     Web-To-Case UserNo 
  Self-Service Portal UserYes 
  Self-Service Portal - change user's email address SystemNo 
 SolutionsApex Triggers UserYes 
 Products Apex Triggers UserYes 
 Documents Change Owner UserNo 
  Email Author (Single Email) UserNo 
 ActivitiesTask Triggers UserNo 
  Email Author (Single Email) UserNo 
 ReportsScheduling a report to send out an email UserNo 
 Ideas     Apex Triggers UserYes 
 Assets Apex Triggers UserYes 
 Users Apex Triggers UserYes 
 Mass MailUserYes 
 Email Administration | Email2Salesforce All users get notification email UserNo 
  Email2Saleforce status email SystemNo 
 Email Administration | Test Deliverability send a series of test emails to IP addresses UserNo 
 Email Administration | Organization-Wide Addresses Verified email sentSystemNo 
 Manage Users | Users Reset Password SystemNo 
Security Controls | Sharing Settings | Sharing Rules Recalculating rules that take a long time will send notification email when process is completed SystemNo 
 Data Management Importing Leads and Contacts which takes a long time - sends notification emails when process is completed SystemNo 
  Export DOT file UserNo 
  Mass reassign team UserNo 
 Monitoring | Email Log Files Requesting email logs UserNo 
Workflow email notification in workflow logic UserNo 

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