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Add or Change Salesforce System Administrators

Knowledge Article Number 000006508

Whenever you need to change a Salesforce System Administrator, have another one of your System Administrators create a new System Administrator User (for your new Administrator to use) and deactivate the previous System Administrator's login (if they're no longer with your company).

It is recommended as a best practice to ensure to have more then one System Administrator at any given time so that disruptions in service are avoided if one of your System Administrators are unable to log in or are no longer with the company

Note: If you can't access the profile for your only System Administrator, use the steps in our "Unable to change your Salesforce System Administrator" article.



Create a new System Administrator User

Note: If you don't have any available User licenses, you'll need to temporarily disable a User using the steps in our "Deactivate (Delete) Users" documentation. After your new Administrator has been created, deactivate your previous System Administrator's User profile and reactivate the profile you temporarily deactivated.

1. Click Setup.
2. Under "Administer," select Manage Users | Users.
3. Click New User, then enter your new User details.
4. In the "Profile" field, select System Administrator
5. Under "Salesforce Newsletter Settings," select Generate new password and notify user immediately.
6. Click Save.
7. Log out of Salesforce (select your name | Logout)
8. Follow the steps in the email sent to the email address entered for your new admin User.
9. Log in to Salesforce as the new System Administrator. 


Deactivate the previous System Administrator User

After your new System Administrator has been created and you're logged in with the new credentials, deactivate the previous System Administrator's profile using the steps in our "Deactivate (Delete) Users" documentation.

If you receive an error when you deactivate your previous System Admin, follow the steps in our article about System Administrator deactivation errors.

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