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Expected results are missing on a Lookup Search when using Lookup Filters

Knowledge Article Number 000006525

Entity-specific searches (like Cases, Accounts, or Custom Objects) return a maximum of 250 results. Lookup Filters applied to those search results only apply to the top 200 results. As a result, if the result you're looking for isn't contained within those top 200 results, you won't see it in the Filtered Lookup list.

In general, this means that many "expected" results for unfiltered, general searches (which would return more than 250 results) may not appear when the search is conducted with a Lookup Filter applied.


As a workaround, either remove the Lookup Filters, make the Lookup Filters less restrictive or use more restrictive search terms.

There are some variations in how Lookup Dialog Search operates, but performing a blank Lookup search may not include an "expected" recently-used record despite the record being recently accessed. For more information about how blank Lookup searches operate, see our "Why don't I get the results I expect when I do a blank Lookup Search on a field?" help article.

Example search

An org has over 10,000 records that start with the word "Spanish".  A search for "sp" returns a maximum of 250 records and then the Lookup Filters evaluate those results according to the filter criteria.

If the 250 records returned in the initial query do not meet the criteria of the Lookup Filters, the lookup search will return 0 results and make it appear as though it is not working as expected even though it is.

Make your voice heard

Consider promoting the "All show all records in lookup search" Idea on the IdeaExchange so our product team can see your feedback about this functionality and evaluate it for improvement in a future release.

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