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How does Email-to-case match an incoming email to an existing contact

Knowledge Article Number 000006526

Explanation on how Email-to-Case matches an existing contact in Salesforce with a case created from an incoming email


When an incoming email creates a case in Salesforce via Email-to-Case, the logic looks to match the email address in the FROM field to a Contact's email address in Salesforce.  If a match is returned, the system associates the created case to the related contact record.

The Email-to-Case logic will query all the Email fields on the Contact object, including Standard and Custom Email fields.

Upon finding a match in any of the email address fields, Email-to-Case will assign the contact to the new case.

If two or more contacts have the same email address, Email-to-Case will leave the contact and account fields blank.

If no matching contacts are found, email-to-case will leave the contact and account fields blank, but will populate the fields "Web Email" and "Web Name".

As a best practice, please ensure that you do not have the same email address on multiple contact records.

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