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Admin Request: Create Approval Process

Knowledge Article Number 000006698

Admin Request: Create Approval Process

Resolution Admin Request to create an Approval Process:
  1. Is this in Sandbox or Production? If Sandbox, which sandbox?
  2. Would you like us to contact you before proceeding with work, even if all the requirements are clear? We will always contact you if something needs further explanation.
  3. What object will this Approval Process be on?
  4. What should the Approval Process be named?
  5. If necessary, what should the Process description read?
  6. What is the entry criteria for records (i.e. Only Closed Won Opportunities should enter Approval Process)?
  7. Which Email Template should be used for the Approval Assignment email?
  8. Who should be able to submit records for Approval (i.e. Record Owner, Creator, Role, Public Group, etc)?
  9. Should submitters be able to recall requests?
  10. Once the record enters an Approval Process, please detail each Approval Step and the criteria necessary to enter the step. Please also specify who the Approver is in each step (i.e. Submitter's manager, User, etc).
  11. If a record is Rejected, what should happen* (i.e. record unlocks, email alert sent, field update, etc)?
  12. If a record is Approved, what should happen*?
*If an Email Alert, please specify the templates that are to be used

NOTE: All of our Configuration Case Templates can be accessed on our Premier Success Plans Tool kit.
Scroll down to the section “Customize Salesforce for your Business” | Find the tile “Configuration Case Templates” | Click "Download"
Or, click directly to the Configuration Case Templates

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