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How do I get started using Change Sets?

Knowledge Article Number 000006751

Using Change Sets is a step by step process to use and to troubleshoot:
First verify your deployment connections
Then verify your Outbound change set.
Then verify your Inbound change set.


Steps to Create Deployment Connections   

1. Create one or more sandboxes
2. Go to Setup | App Setup | Deploy | Deployment Connections
3. Click Name to view connection details
4. Click Edit to authorize inbound changes from a listed organization

Steps to Create Outbound Change Sets    

1. In a related org, use Deployment Connections to authorize inbound changes from this org
2. Go to Setup | App Setup | Deploy | Outbound Change Sets
3. Create a new Change Set
4. Click Add to include components into your change set
5. Click Upload to send these components to another org

Steps to Create Inbound Change Sets    

1. Log into an org that has received a change set
2. Go to Setup | App Setup | Deploy | Inbound Change Sets
3. Click a change set name to see its detail
4. Click Deploy to apply the change set to your org
5. Once the deployment completes, click View Results to see the status and individual changes or errors

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