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What happens when a record is saved?

Knowledge Article Number 000006765

Salesforce Order of Execution for what happens when a record is saved.


This is the order of Salesforce execution applies to a record being saved. This is very useful for setting up and figuring out the actual flow of what happens in Salesforce.

  1. Old record loaded from database (or initialized for new inserts)
  2. New record values overwrite old values
  3. All Apex before triggers (EE / UE only)
  4. System validation rules
  5. Custom validation rules
  6. Record saved to database (but not committed)
  7. Record reloaded from database
  8. All Apex after triggers (EE / UE only)
  9. Assignment rules
  10. Auto-response rules
  11. Workflow rules*
  12. Escalation rules
  13. Parent Rollup Summary Formula value updated (if present)
  14. Database commit
  15. Post-commit logic (sending email)

This is a simplified version of the save process for a more complete view of the processes you can refer to

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