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Salesforce Content - Subscriptions

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Salesforce Content - Subscriptions frequently asked questions.


Can you enable/disable the subscriptions functionality?
No, subscriptions are automatically available with Content and it is not possible to turn them off.

Can users only subscribe to individual documents?
Yes, and in addition to subscribing to documents, users can also subscribe to libraries, tags, and authors.

What different events "trigger" subscriptions?
None, subscriptions must be established manually by users via the user interface.

Is it possible to have one consolidated weekly email alert rather than a separate email for each alert?
No. We can however, send them daily, batching all alerts into 1 email. You can configure Content to send alerts on a per-event basis by selecting only the 'Receive Salesforce CRM Content Email Alerts' or a daily basis by selecting the 'Receive Salesforce CRM Content Daily Digest' user preferences. See User Fields for more information.

Can you "mass subscribe" users to documents, tags, or libraries?
No, users have to manually and voluntarily subscribe to content entities.They may subscribe to a library and get notified of any new content that is published into that library but you can't force them to subscribe. As a workaround you may consider composing and sending out an email once a month that "looks like" a subscribe notification and has links to the key materials users should be aware of.

Alternatively, you can do the following:

1) Tag all the content you would like users to subscribe to with "Mass Subscription"

2) Perform a search for "Mass Subscription" and filter by that tag

3) Copy the resulting URL from your search and filtering

4) Paste the URL into an email to everyone requesting they subscribe to all the content by clicking on the orange subscribe buttons in the search results screen. You can also "feature" key content to have it show up on the library page to attract additional attention.

Please consider promoting the following Ideas for managing user content subscriptions so that we may see these features added to Salesforce with a future release:
Enable admins to subscribe Salesforce Content users to documents
Allow Admins to mass-subscribe users/groups to content tags or libraries

What is the process or schedule for when Daily Digests are sent out?

When a user has the 'Receive Salesforce CRM Content Daily Digest' field set for their user record, then every time something they're subscribed to is changed it is tracked by Salesforce. Then at the end of the day (approximately 1 - 2 AM in the user's time zone) there's a process that runs and compiles all of the updates for the user's subscriptions over the last day and composes them into an email sent to the user. This is standard closed process that can't be configured or modified and exists across all instances and orgs.

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