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Why are there more search results available after filtering or sorting?

Knowledge Article Number 000006836
Description Users may report that clicking into a specific object's search results or choosing to filter the results provided returns additional records that may not have been present or listed in the initial search results set.

Although this may seem as though it's an unexpected behavior it is actually by design and the result of how search results are processed and generated for display in the user interface.
Resolution Using global, sidebar, or advanced search features will query your search term across all available Salesforce object's records.

Searching all objects and entities can create an expensive transaction so as a design consideration for performance reasons, and to return the most relevant results in a timely fashion, there is a limit on the number of potential record matches that can be returned and displayed in the user interface as results. 

The factors outlined in the How Search Works documentation determines a record's match score based on the provided search term.  If a record's score does not rank it high enough to be included the number of results imposed by the limit it will not be included in the initial record results displayed after running a general search.

When a user clicks into an object or to sort search results Salesforce recognizes that you're now searching for a record within a particular object. This alleviates the potential for performance issues that may have occurred upon searching across all objects so the limit on the total number of records returned can now be increased without adversely impacting search performance. 

Sorting invokes a separate, secondary object specific query that's performed in real time.  Records that have been excluded due to the previously imposed results limit while searching all objects may now be included in the larger results pool which is allowed via the targeted object specific search with the higher potential results limit.

Search provides a means to run a general query across all objects when users may not know exactly what type of record they're looking for however, if they know they are searching for a specific type of record, it's recommended to narrow the scope of the search down to the specific object containing the records you're looking for to efficiently return the maximum number of relevant results.

Note: It is not possible for Support to directly change the provided search result limits or behavior outlined above.

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