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Are Notes and Attachments Supported in Salesforce Classic?

Knowledge Article Number 000006847

Are Notes (as in Notes and Attachments) Supported in Salesforce Classic?Cannot Login using iPhone MobileApplication


Notes are supported (when included in the mobile data set for the each object) on all 3 supported Platforms for Mobile CRM - Android and iOS.

You have the ability to add Notes and Review attached Notes also.

Please also keep in mind that the client does truncate Task or Event description messages ONLY on the device to 1000 characters. This is also applicable for Long Text Area fields.

Attachments are supported only for the Android Client for Mobile CRM (version 2.0+). You have the ability to add attachments to records and also view attachment information on records whose object has mobilized attachments in the data set. 

Note: Salesforce Classic does not support downloading attachments to the mobile device, you can only view their metadata (name, created by, etc)

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