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What is the maximum size limit for a field in Salesforce Classic? And does that affect the 'log email' feature?

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What is the maximum size limit for a field in Salesforce Mobile? And does that affect the "log email" feature?


The maximum size for a field in Salesforce (not Salesforce Mobile) is 32K characters.

Salesforce Mobile respects the size of a field provided in the schema (i.e., the configuration in the setup section).  As to say, if a field is "described" as 1K limit, Salesforce Mobile will generally respect that limit but there may be exceptions.

The maximum limit for a field in Salesforce Mobile is:

  • 32K characters for Windows Mobile (current version v10.x)
  • 1K characters chars for iPhone (current version v3)

Note: there are exceptions.

Packet size limit for the Salesforce Mobile transport (across all the platforms) is 16kB but Windows Mobile compress those fields. In other words it's always possible to insert/update a 32k char field and see it correctly on the app.


  • Since iPhone doesn't currently support the "Log email" functionality, the limit 1K may be a limitation but it is not likely to type over 1K chars on the touchscreen and there is no copy and paste functionality available on iPhone. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

NOTE:  When logging emails as Events (as opposed to Tasks), the body of the email (Event.Description field) will be truncated at 1000 characters (1K).  This is expected behavior, enforced by the mobile application, and is consistent across all mobile platforms / clients.



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