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Email update not reflected in User Record

Knowledge Article Number 000007173

If you still see the old email address after performing an email update on the User Record, in My Email Settings, or Chatter Contact Information, this is expected behavior. It will update once the new email address is validated. 

This only applies to Organizations that don't have the feature "Disable Email Change Verification" enabled and only when changing Active User details.

Validate the new email address

As soon as you validate your new email address, it will automatically reflect in the User Detail Record. Here's what to expect: 


1. Upon saving the record, a prompt will appear notifying you that an email will be sent to the new email address on file. Click OK
2. Check the new email address on file for a notice from Salesforce. It will contain a link to validate your email. 

3. A second email will be sent (only for Chatter and User record update) to the old email address, however, no action is necessary. It's just a notification. 

Quick Tips: If you're a System Administrator changing the email for one of your Users, please have them follow the above instructions. 

Didn't receive the email? 

  • Check your Spam folder for the email. 
  • Notify your IT department that the Salesforce IP addresses may need to be whitelisted on the email server. 

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