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How to use Import Wizard to import/Update data with Asian Characters (Chinese,Korean,Japanese)?

Knowledge Article Number 000007232
Description How to use Import Wizard to import/Update data with Asian Characters (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)?

For Asian customers (Chinese,Korean,Japanese) to use import Wizard, there are some issues where the Asian Characters are not showing up correctly after the import or update by using Import Wizard.

Here are the procedures of how to use Import Wizard to perform the mass import/update of data that include Asian Characters.

As a best practice, always perform test data import/update by using few records.

As an example, below are the steps to update contacts.

1. Run a Contact report that pulls out only the information you want to update, Make sure record IDs are included.

2. Export the report to Excel and save as csv file type.

Choose the language setting (Chinese GB 2312)

Make all changes as needed.

To make sure the Characters are showing up correctly, always re-open the csv file to see if they are showing fine.

Note: There are some issues with the English version of Excel not properly converting csv files with Asian Characters. Typically, you'll see those characters are changed to ?????? when you re-open the csv file in Excel.

To avoid this, use the workaround outlined in the documentation, Why isn’t Data Loader importing special characters? to re-save your .csv using UTF-8 character encoding.

3. Use the Data Import Wizard to perform an update to your desired records. See Import Data with the Data Import Wizard for additional instructions on using the Import Wizard.

Note: Be sure to select ID as your matching criteria and when updating Accounts and Contacts select the "Update existing Account information" option.

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