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CTI 4x adapter disconnects frequently from Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000007473
CTI 4x adapters listen for connections on a Port Number unlike 3x adapters that use COM. Because of this the functioning may be interrupted by the browser security settings around https connections.  This is most likely when using Internet Explorer.

A quick work around may be to in Internet Explorer navigate to Tools | Internet Options | Security | Local Intranet and here click "Custom level" and scroll down the box to Enable "Display Mixed Content" and check this box.
Depending on the LAN permissions for your browser you may still see connection issues where you drop connections to the browser.  The most robust solution is to  use "Configuring HTTPS for a CTI Adapter" as mentioned in the Developer Guide  
As the certificate in this process may need to be placed on multiple machines on the LAN the attached PDF has information on how to do this.  Once the adapter is configured for https you will also need to import the certificate authority into Firefox is users will be using Firefox.  This can be done by navigating to Tools | Options | Advanced | Encryption | View Certificates | Authorities | Import.  Here select the location of the Security Authority file you created and import with the check box "This Certificate Can Identify Websites" checked.  To help installing this Certificate on all machines using Firefox use the Firefox "Certutil"

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