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Bucket Field limits and requirements

Knowledge Article Number 000019206


Bucket Fields are incredibly powerful when used with reporting, just make sure you're aware of a few key limits and requirements when you're setting them up:



Limits and requirements


  • Total Bucket Fields allowed per report - 5
  • Total "Buckets" allowed per Bucket Field - 20
  • Total values allowed per "Bucket" - 20 (doesn't include the use of "Other" as permitted within the Bucket Field's setup)
  • Total values allowed per Bucket Field - 42-45 values


Errors and using Bucket Fields in multiple reports


  • "Query is too complex" error - Whenever you've exceeded the overall Bucket Field limit (usually around 42-45 values for the whole bucket), you'll receive an error stating "The query for these buckets is too complex. Remove one or more buckets and retry."
  • Re-using Bucket Fields in multiple reports - Bucket Fields can only be used in the report where they were generated. To use a Bucket Field in another report, you'll need to be re-create it for each additional report or create a separate formula field for the object dependent on the bucket.


To see an example of a Bucket Field in action, check out our "Numeric Bucketing Example" help documentation.

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